Key Stage 2

As children move through the school and enter Key Stage 2 they continue to have access to the full Primary curriculum. They have the opportunity to securely develop their English and Mathematics skills in order to support their learning across the wider curriculum.

Literacy is taught through a discrete session each day and supported by activities during topic sessions.
There is a move away from focussing on the mechanics of reading and guided sessions support deeper comprehension of texts and give time to explore fiction and non fiction.
Literacy is taught through well planned units that clearly identify the next step in reading and writing that the children and teacher will focus on for two or three weeks.
Challenge in the mathematics curriculum requires greater mathematical thinking
We continue to provide resources for pupils to use and understand maths, not just as a help for some children to “do” maths.
We are spend longer on topics and secure deep rather than superficial understanding.
The rest of the subjects are covered using our consistent whole school thematic approach. The organisation of these is the same as in Key Stage 1.

Key Stage 2 Long Term Plan 2015 2016