14:50 – They think it’s all over…   And the winners are!

1st – Rainbow, 2nd – Blue, 3rd – Pink (who made up two places in the afternoon!)

PM Results

14:36 – The blogging team are looking forward to the cakes at the end!  Don’t forget to visit the FONs stalls.

14:25 – The running races begin! Olly wins the first race.

14:03 – Too busy in the media tent to blog as we are photographing every podium!

13:21 – Rapturous applause as the Carnival Parade performs the opening ceremony!

13:02 – The crowds are gathering for a packed afternoon of racing action here at the Norwell Primary Arena.  The podium is ready for the winners!


11:23 – The final scores are in from the morning team games.  It’s close at the top with the podium positions currently separated by only 20 points!  With more points available for positions in the individual races this afternoon its a very open field.



11.10 – Just two more games to go now – the tension is rising!

10:56 Over half way now.  The teams are tiring!


10:30 After 2 rounds;

2nd round

10:26 The first scores are in…

The top three are:

1st: Blue team, 2nd Green team, 3rd Red team

09:30 – The arena is all set.  The track markings are drying and the competitors are warming up!


06:30 – Blue skies await for the competitors in today’s event. Don’t forget to check back here for live updates.

Sports Day 2014 – Live Blog
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