The Early Years and Key Stage 1  

As children enter school we want to foster in them an active enjoyment of learning. The organisation of the mixed Reception and KS1 class reflects this approach; children follow a range of child initiated and adult led activities and resources are available and accessible for them to use and select as appropriate.

There are clear expectations of the provision that children will receive;

  • Children receive daily phonics teaching using Little Wandle, a synthetic phonics programme as well as group reading sessions that allow them to practice the phonemes taught in class and widen their experience of books and reading. During child initiated time there is access to a range of books, “easy ears”, and a dedicated story telling area.
  • Children have the opportunity to see their teacher model the writing process, they will also develop their writing skills alongside the teacher in guided sessions as well as during their own play; including time in the role play areas. Staff use Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing strategies to develop writing across all genres.
  • Numeracy skills are introduced and guided through teacher led sessions and fully supported by the careful planning of activities available to the children during free flow activities. Power Maths is used across school to follow the Maths Mastery approach.
  • All other aspects of the EYFS and KS1 curriculum are delivered following the whole school thematic approach delivered through half termly topics.

Download is in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) formatKS1 Long Term Plan Cycle 1

Download is in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) formatKS1 Long Term Plan Cycle 2