Dear Parents and Carers,

The new school year is well underway now and already so much is happening in our classrooms. We have two new topics across school.

Topics for this term

In Key Stage 1 the children’s topic is “Up, up and away”, this has a history focus looking at flight. This is a fabulous practical study for the children who have already had the chance to set off balloons and make parachutes. They will also have the chance to visit Duxford Air Museum with class 1 from St. Matthews to learn even more.

In Key Stage 2 the children are “On The Move” and this is a topic with a computing focus. The new National Curriculum has a strong coding element and the children are preparing to develop their skills in this important area. I have seen them developing their understanding of algorithms; guiding aliens to make jam sandwiches and directing Mrs. Spiegal around the school hall!

Open Afternoon

The new National Curriculum has presented us with some new challenges but it has also given us the chance to rethink our approaches here in school and the children are certainly enjoying some new ways of working.

We would really like to share this with you so we are planning an open afternoon to take place after half term. This will be your chance to come into school and see how we organise our teaching so that children have the chance to work with the teacher, the teaching assistants and also to become independent learners. We would love you to see the school at work and it would also give me the chance to talk to you all informally and explain what is happening in school. We will also be able to share some ideas for how you could help at home. I will confirm the date for this soon as I know as I realise you will need notice to make arrangements to attend.

Class Organisation

As Mrs Thorpe is currently unwell we are continuing to run our two classes in school. The children have settled in well to their new routines and Mrs. Spiegal and Mrs. King are happy to update you on your child’s progress if you call in to school. We are fortunate to have Mrs. Mayer join us in school this term. She has worked with us regularly since last term and knows the children well. This means she is able to provide continuity for the children when Mrs. Spiegal and Mrs. King aren’t teaching. Please come in and talk to us or look at the work in your child’s books if you would like to keep up to date with the topics and units of work in literacy and numeracy.

School Partnerships

We continue to work closely with St. Matthew’s CE Primary and Key Stage 2 children from both schools will be having a shared visit to Rushey Mead Primary in Leicester this half term. This will be the beginning of an exciting link with a large inner city school which is already helping the children with their comparative study work in geography. This work was started last term and is an ongoing research project for our older children.

Celebration Assembly

The children are continuing to collect their Good to be Green stickers in school and receive their certificates in our assembly on Mondays. The children are doing very well this term and I am sure that many will achieve their gold, silver and bronze this term. We would like you to join us to celebrate with them and allow them to present some of their fabulous work to you on Monday 2nd February at 3pm.

Thank you for your continued support,


Diane Ward

Head Teacher


Monday 5th January 2015

Friday 20th March 2015

Monday 1st June 2105

Half Term

Monday 16th – Friday 20th February

Swimming badges

Please bring in any swimming awards your child has achieved. This way we can share this in assembly and update our records with the achievements.

Swimming Dates for the Spring Term: Wednesdays

January 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th  February 4th and 26th Please note there will be no swimming on the 11th due to swimming galas taking place.

Diary Dates


Tuesday 27th January                                         –           Year 3,4,5 & 6 Visit to Rushey Mead

Monday 2nd February                                          –           Celebration Assembly – 3.00pm

Monday 9th February                                          –           Key Stage 1 to Duxford Air Museum

Tuesday 3rd March                                            –           Parents Evening

Thursday 5th March                                            –           World Book Day

Friday 20th March                                             –           INSET DAY

Thursday 26th March                                          –           Community lunch

Monday 1st June                                                –           INSET DAY

Tuesday 7th July                                                –           Sports Day at St Matthew’s – 1pm

Thursday 9th July                                               –           Reserve Sports Day

Monday 13th July                                               –           Reports out to parents

Tuesday 14th July                                              –           Parent drop in sessions

Wednesday 15th July                                          –           Community lunch

Wednesday 22nd July                                         –           Leavers service at church – 2pm



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