Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had a really good start to the new term and are very pleased to have some early sunshine.

The Rainbow Room

As you know we have now opened our new Rainbow Room, Mrs. Sleight has done a fabulous job making this a lovely learning space in school. Please call in and have a look, the children are really keen to work in the room and it is already a very busy place.

We have a lot of exciting things happening at the moment including plans for camping, orienteering and some filming here in Normanton. You will be receiving information outlining the activities that involve your child.


Mrs. Lees has been on maternity leave for much of this academic year although she has been in school for a few days last half term supporting some of our curriculum developments. Her maternity leave will be ending soon but she will be taking a secondment to Norwell Primary School to allow her to work less hours and give her time with her new family. This is a planned secondment for one year. Although we will certainly miss Mrs Lees here at St. Matthew’s we are very pleased that Mrs. Collier Murphy will continue to teach class three across this summer term and will give continuity to the children. She has started some exciting projects with the children and knows them all very well.

Mill Lane

The building work on Mill Lane is set to continue across this term and at times this can make access to the school a little difficult. We will need to continue to take particular care when dropping off and collecting children as the lane can become very congested at times.

Thank you for your continued support,

Diane Ward

April Newsletter 2015
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